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When will my building be installed?

Why cant you tell me when my building will be installed?

These are very common questions when installation times are not as quick as we would like them to be. (For more information click here.)

Normally a customer can expect us to get their building installed within a few weeks during times considered off-peak season and within 6-8 weeks during peak season. Waiting for your building is frustrating, we know, because you would not have ordered the building unless you really needed it. We earn a living selling buildings but the most important part is the installation of the buildings. There are many circumstances that affect installation times and weather is a big one, every single day it rains can cost two to three days on install time because often we cant access the site because its too wet. Wind over 10 to 15 miles and hour can keep us from installing sheet metal which becomes dangerous in high winds. We operate on a first come first serve basis and we will get your building installed as soon as possible. We are receiving over 1000 calls a day and may miss a call from you so try emailing one of the contacts below so we can get you the answers you need. Please be patient we will get to you and want to answer your questions. You can request information or ask for a call back at the email addresses below:

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