Open Span Gable

Open Span Gable by roof style

With no need for interior support columns or barriers, our open-span pole barns are also known as clear-span and free-span structures. The generous amount of interior space offered by these buildings allow them to adapt to a variety of residential, agricultural, and commercial purposes. Get the most bang for your buck with a structurally sound, attractive, yet economical open-span barn.

top selling steel Open Span Gable

24x30x12 Open Span Pole With A 20×30 Lean To
24x40 metal frame building with large front porch
25x55 Gable style pole Barn with a covered porch
30x30x10 Open Span
30W X 30L X 10H

30x30x10 Open Span

36x72x16 Open span with 12x36x10 enclosed lean & a 12x36x16 Cover
24x40x12 Open span with 18x40 lean to
24W X 40L X 12H

24x40x12 Open span with 18x40 lean to

40x60x10 Open span with 12x60 lean
40W X 60L X 10H

40x60x10 Open span with 12x60 lean

36x36x12 side combo Open Span
36W X 36L X 12H

36x36x12 side combo Open Span

36x40x11 Open span
36W X 40L X 11H

36x40x11 Open span

Open span with open lean and closed lean 42x36x16/16x10
32x40x16/11 Open span with enclosed lean to
32W X 40L X 16H

32x40x16/11 Open span with enclosed lean to


Open Span Gable at Texwin

Open Span Pole Barn Plans

From retail stores, to storage buildings and horse barns, these open-span steel structures are designed with such versatility they can fulfill almost any purpose. Their all-wood framing and galvanized steel siding are combined to provide reliable protection to your property for decades. These structures are also designed to meet and exceed all local wind loads, snow loads, and building requirements. And to ensure you get the highest-quality products, all our materials from the bolts and screws to the anchors are manufactured in our Texas facility.

Equipment Requirements

While most of our structures are installed without the use of heavy equipment, our open-span pole barns are slightly different. Since this building style is larger than others, a lift is required for the installation process to go smoothly. Open-span pole barns with the following dimensions require a lift:

  • 24’ – 30’ wide, 13’ tall or up
  • 32’ – 36’ wide, 11’ tall or up

All structures that are 38’ to 40’ wide and/or 16’ tall or up require a lift.

Common Uses for Open-Span Pole Barns

In most cases, clear-span structures are used for storing large pieces of equipment and other commercial purposes. However, with such flexible designs, these facilities can be used in a variety of industries for multiple purposes. No matter what your needs or intentions may be, our open-span structures are the perfect solution for your needs.

  • Open-span barns are great for protecting tractors, balers, and other pieces of agricultural equipment from the elements. They can also be utilized to store tools, hay, riding gear, and other farming necessities.
  • If you have a collection of classic cars that require complete protection, one of our open-span pole barns can be designed to fit all your vehicles. You can even add windows for natural lighting and doors for easy access points.
  • Keep your horses and other animals happy, healthy, and out of the weather with one of our facilities. Our open-span pole barns are the perfect addition to any farm! You can even customize them for your specific needs.
  • An open-span pole barn would also function as the perfect fire station for your area! With such an enormous amount of usable interior space, you have the option to start with a blank slate.

Advantages of Clear-Span Pole Barns

There are a few distinct advantages to owning an open-span pole barn that outweigh other structure types. Some of these advantages include, but are not limited to the following:

Spray Foam Insulation – We offer spray foam for all our structures, prices varying based on your location. For more information regarding our insulation services, contact one of our building representatives.

Quick Installation – We always use the best, cutting-edge materials to construct each of our buildings. And to ensure they are of the best quality, we manufacture each component at our own facility in Texas.

Customizations – Our collection of customization options gives each customer the opportunity to personalize their own structure. From the windows, to the roof style, to the color of the roof and walls, we have options for it all.

High Ceilings – The versatile design of these structures also allows for more clearance and higher ceilings. This is the perfect building for customers who have large equipment and machinery to keep sheltered.

Add a Personal Touch

At Texwin Carports, we found that giving our customers a say in the design of their structure ensures their satisfaction with the final product. With our variety of customization options, we guarantee you will get your dream structure and much more. A few of our customizations include the following:

  • Awnings
  • Decks
  • Faux Windows
  • Roof Styles
  • Colors
  • Doors
  • Windows

Prices for Free-Span Pole Barns

Affordability is a necessity to us at Texwin Carports, that’s why we decided to provide options for all our customers, no matter their financial situation. Our pricing varies based on several factors: the size and style of your structure, your location, the manufacturer installing the building, and added customizations. Whether you have a limited amount of funds or have a budget, there’s no need to worry about being able to afford your open-span pole barn. Not only do we work with our customers on pricing, but we also offer the best financing and rent-to-own programs available in the market.

Design Your Dream Structure from Home

Making the process of designing and purchasing a metal or post-frame building a breeze is our goal at Texwin Carports. And with our 3D Visualizer, that goal is much easier to achieve! This tool allows you to pick your building style and customize everything from the foundation to the roof. We also provide a color planner that provides assistance with choosing the ideal color combination for your clear-span structure. By using this tool, you can sort between several color combos to find which one best suit your unique style and taste. And did we mention that you can do all this from the comfort of your home? Wow!

Why You Should Choose Texwin Carports

On top of quality products and affordable prices, we have a drive for success that sets us apart from our competition in the industry. Our goal isn’t just to tell you a building, it’s to go above and beyond to meet and exceed all your expectations. Just call us today at (800) 636-4700 to start designing the perfect open-span pole barn. Let us take the load off your shoulders and make the process of purchasing your dream structure a breeze.