Raised Center

Raised Center by roof style

Raised center aisle barns are traditional, post-frame structures with a raised center section and shed wings added to the sides. Their old-fashioned looks blended with modern customizations and generous amount of room make this structure popular among homeowners and horse enthusiasts. These kick-proof and chew-proof structures are perfect for all your agricultural needs, as well as residential and commercial.

top selling steel Raised Center

36x36x14 RCA (Raised Center Aisle)
36W X 36L X 14H

36x36x14 RCA (Raised Center Aisle)

42X60X15 Raised Center Pole Barn
40W X 60L X 12H

42X60X15 Raised Center Pole Barn

42x26x12 Raised Center metal frame
42W X 26L X 12H

42x26x12 Raised Center metal frame

34x42x14 Raised Center Aisle
34W X 42L X 14H

34x42x14 Raised Center Aisle

34x42x14 RCA
34W X 42L X 14H

34x42x14 RCA

34x42x14 RCA with a 3 ft overhang
34W X 42L X 14H

34x42x14 RCA with a 3 ft overhang

44x40x14 Raised Center Aisle Barn
44W X 40L X 14H

44x40x14 Raised Center Aisle Barn

36x24x14/8 Raised Center Aisle Pole barn
36W X 24L X 14H

36x24x14/8 Raised Center Aisle Pole barn

48x36x16/10 Raised Center Aisle with 2 12x36 lean to’s
36x40x16/10 Raised Center Aisle
36W X 40L X 16H

36x40x16/10 Raised Center Aisle


Raised Center at Texwin

Raised Center Aisle Barn Roof Styles

One of the first, and most important, decisions you’ll make when designing your monitor barn is choosing which roof style you want. With two reliable styles offered at Texwin Carports, customers won’t need to worry about their roof leaking or caving in over time.

Boxed-Eave – One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to ensure your barn will blend seamlessly with pre-existing structures is to purchase our boxed-eave roof. This style is installed with side-eave trim and horizontally-oriented panels that provide protection to your property during some high winds and light rain or snowfall.

Vertical – The vertical roof is a hot-selling, highly-reliable roof style in the metal building industry. With additional framing and vertical panels, your custom post-frame barn will be able to withstand all climate types. If you live in an area with harsh weather conditions or invest in a structure longer than 36’, we recommend our vertical roof design.

Advantages of Monitor Barns

Long-lasting – We only use high-quality, treated lumber to construct our post-frame barns at Texwin Carports. This allows the structures to withstand foul weather conditions, your ever-changing needs, and the seasons.

Customizable – From the roof design, to the color of the structure, to the type of anchoring system we use, we give our customers a variety of customization options.

Maximum Ventilation – The raised center allows for more ventilation, making the structure a safe, healthy place to house horses and other livestock.

Energy-Efficient – Post-frame structures have very little waste and don’t require heavy machinery to be assembled. And almost 100% of the components that are used to erect the RCA barns are recyclable.

Great Prices – By forming partnerships with dealers and manufacturers across the country, we’re able to provide the best possible prices for our customers. And with our rent-to-own and financing programs, you can save even more!

Uses for Raised Center Barns

With such an enormous amount of open space, our raised center pole barns can accommodate any agricultural or residential need of farmers, horse owners, and homeowners. Whether you are in need of storage for equipment, stables for your horses and livestock, or a place to store your riding equipment and feed, monitor barns can do it all!

Hay Storage – Keeping hay nearby is a luxury that many farmers do not have, but you can with one of our raised center barns. By using the second floor of your barn as a hay loft, you can save yourself the hassle of hauling hay back and forth.

Residential – Some customers have turned one of our raised center aisle barns into a home. With walk-in doors, windows, custom colors, and other customizations, they can be converted into comfortable living quarters.

Equipment Storage – Significant investments such as tractors, hay balers, cultivators, and other pieces of equipment should be provided with reliable protection. Not only will this keep your equipment in tip-top shape, but it will save you money on maintenance and repairs.

Pavilion – It’s always nice to have a shaded area to go to during family gatherings, barbecues, picnics, and other get-togethers. Our RCA barns serve as an excellent pavilion, no matter what the event may be.

Apartments – While some customers may have converted the entire structure into their home, some people have used the second floor for an apartment. They use the ground floor for storage or other personal uses and utilize the second level as their living area.

Wedding Hall – Barns have become quite popular for wedding ceremonies, receptions, birthdays, proms, and other special events. Their rustic features are pleasing to customers, making this structure perfect for all those special moments!

Make it Your Own

Being able to incorporate style and functionality into your dream building is important to us here at Texwin Carports, which is why we offer such a large variety of customization options.

  • Colors
  • Windows
  • Garage and walk-in doors
  • Anchors
  • Roof style

No matter how precise or simple your dream structure may be, we can design and help make it come to life. With such a unique selection of customizations to choose from, you can design your perfect barn!

Raised Center Barn Prices

The price tag of a product usually determines whether the customer will purchase it or not. However, at Texwin Carports, we have made it possible for our customers to not worry about the final cost of their structure. While there are numerous factors that affect the price of your building, our relationships with dealers and manufacturers in the U.S. allow us to offer the best prices on the market. We also offer excellent rent-to-own and financing programs to assist those are limited to a budget or do not have the full amount upfront. For more information on these programs just contact one of our representatives at (800) 636-4700.

RCA Barn Colors

Each customer that we work with has a unique personality and style that they wish to portray with their building. With the unique selection of color options we have available, your new post-frame structure will express exactly who you are. And with the color planner on our website, you can see what your colors will look on the building. We also have a 3D planner that not only shows you what the colors will look like, but it gives you a 3D image of the entire structure.

Choose Texwin Carports for a Raised Center Pole Barn

If you are looking to purchase a post-frame or pole barn building, Texwin is here to make things simple. With more than 10 years of experience in building quality post-frame structures, we are the best company to partner with. Whether you’re in need of a building for agricultural, commercial, or residential needs, you can shop online or visit one of our showrooms to see some of our products. Let us help you get your dream structure today, just call us today at (800) 636-4700.