Equipment Sheds

Equipment Sheds by roof style

Whether it’s your vehicles, agricultural equipment, or other investment, your property should be protected the right way. Our equipment sheds at Texwin Carports are specifically tailored and designed for whatever layout your valuables require. Trust that your belongings will be stored in a shed that will protect them from theft and foul weather conditions year-round.

top selling steel Equipment Sheds

Premium buildings built with 26 GA R Panel
Equipment Sheds Barn
42W X 26L X 12H

Equipment Sheds Barn

Garage with Lean too cover
24W X 25L X 11H

Garage with Lean too cover

42x60x14 Vertical Barn
42W X 60L X 14H

42x60x14 Vertical Barn

42x25x14 9 with 12x25 7 lean to
42W X 25L X 14H

42x25x14-9 with 12x25-7 lean to

30 Wide Shop With Lean To
30W X 50L X 14H

30 Wide Shop With Lean To

42x25x12 Texas Barn with stalls
42W X 25L X 12H

42x25x12 Texas Barn with stalls

42x31x12/7  barn
42W X 31L X 12H

42x31x12/7 barn

36x36x12/7 Agricultural Barn
36W X 36L X 12H

36x36x12/7 Agricultural Barn

24x30 with a lean too cover used as a pool house and cover

Equipment Sheds at Texwin

Roof Styles for Farm Equipment Sheds

Completing your equipment storage building with the right roof style is important to maintaining the condition of your property. There are three roof designs that are available for our customers to choose from at Texwin Carports.

Regular Roof – The regular roof style is a popular choice among many of our farmers, ranchers, and other agriculturally-based customers. With its unique round-edged look and horizontal panels that run parallel to the length of the structure, the regular style is recommended for areas with moderate weather conditions.

Horizontal Roof – Depending on the company you work with; this roof style can also be called A-frame horizontal and boxed-eave. Similar to the panel orientation of the regular design, this roof has paneling that runs parallel with the length of your structure. It is best suited for areas that may experience high winds but light precipitation.

Vertical Roof – Being engineered for all climate types, the vertical roof is a popular choice among our customers. It is designed and installed with vertically-oriented panels that easily channel all rain, snow, and other debris off the roof. With ridge caps and a hat channel, this design is also great for preventing possible roof leaks; it is also required for structures longer than 36’ long.

Customizing Your Equipment Shed

When it comes to structures, whether they are fully-enclosed or roof-only, every customer has particular requirements to be met. Your property also has specific needs that should be considered when laying out the design of your new structure. With our selection of customization options, each of those needs can and will be met.

  • Colors for your roof, trim, and walls
  • Walk-in doors and garage doors for easy access
  • Windows for natural lighting and fresh air
  • Panel orientation, depending on the weather in your area

Equipment Storage Sheds for ALL Your Needs

Are you in need of a long-term shelter that will provide security and safety to your property? Whether it be a storage shed, horse barn, garage, or an RV cover, we have it all. Steel is a versatile material that is manufactured to accommodate whatever purpose you have planned.

  • A common feature added to our farm equipment storage sheds is our lean-tos. They can be added to either or both sides of your structure, perfect for sheltering commonly-used equipment. Your more expensive equipment such as tractors and trailers can be stored in the main center section while the hay balers and other machinery can be sheltered under a lean-to.
  • Farmers, ranchers, crop producers, and stock breeders have tasks and needs that are ever-changing, requiring a number of tools and pieces of equipment. As the number of tools and equipment grows, you’ll need somewhere to safely store it all close-by. With one of our agricultural utility storage sheds, you can do just that.

Benefits of Farm Equipment Storage Buildings

When you purchase an equipment shed from us at Texwin Carports, you’re getting so much more out of your custom structure than just an answer to your storage needs.

Fully-Customizable – From the number of anchors, to adding storage space, to the color of the roof, our structures are fully-customizable. With our wide array of options, you can add the perfect personal touch!

Easy Installation – Each of our equipment sheds are pre-punched and pre-drilled, ready to be assembled on-site. And with no need for heavy equipment or machinery, the amount of time needed for installation is nearly cut in-half.

Durable – With heavy-duty, galvanized steel framing used to piece together your new shed, you won’t need to worry about it being blown over or caving in. The steel framing used for each unit allows the buildings to withstand foul weather conditions year-round.

Long-Lasting – When you spend your hard-earned money on a significant investment such as a new metal building, you expect it to be worth every penny. Due to such precise-engineering, we guarantee our structures can last for decades.

Convenient – Having to deal with those pesky storage units can be stressful, especially when you have to travel to reach your belongings. With one of our storage sheds, you can store your property right outside your home or office.

Weather Resistant – You won’t have to worry about your roof leaking or caving in when it rains or snows, nor will you have to worry about the structure blowing over during high winds. Each unit we manufacture is built to withstand some of the worst elements.

Cost-Efficient – Not only will you be saving long-term money on maintenance and repair fees, but if you order one of our farm equipment shed kits, you can save money on labor fees. We have options for every financial state our customers may be experiencing.

Prices for Farm Equipment Shed Designs

We understand that financial statuses can change at any time, but we want to make sure our prices are affordable to everyone. So, through partnerships with manufacturers across the United States, we are able to provide our customers with unbeatable prices. There are several factors that will play an important role in the final price of your equipment shed, including your site location, the size of your unit, your manufacturer, and added customizations.

Use our 3D Color Planner

Two common mistakes made among our customers is choosing the wrong size structure and picking the wrong color combinations. While some companies may not have a solution to this problem, we have just the answer here at Texwin Carports! Our 3D color visualizer allows you to add any desired personalization to your building while giving you the opportunity to make any changes BEFORE spending your money.

RTO and Financing Options for Equipment Sheds

At Texwin Carports, we would never ask you to compromise your needs or budget in order to afford your dream structure. With our top-notch rent-to-own and financing options, you’ll always have additional options to purchasing your new farm equipment shed. For customers who are limited to a budget or those who cannot afford the full price, these programs are your answer.

Buy Your Equipment Storage Building from Texwin Carports

The process of choosing or designing an equipment storage building can be overwhelming. At Texwin Carports, we’re here to take that load off your shoulders, helping you in any way that we can. Whether you need us before, during, or after the sale of your structure, we are always here. If you’re ready to find your dream structure, give us a call at (800) 636-4700 or visit our website for more information.