Metal Garages

Metal Garages by roof style

Whether you’re looking into storing your car, motorhome, personal watercraft, or yard equipment, metal garages from Texwin Carports are the perfect solution to all your storage needs. These fully-enclosed structures offer your property year-round protection, ensuring everything stays in great condition.

top selling steel Metal Garages

Premium buildings built with 26 GA R Panel
All Vertical Dual Entry Garage
24W X 25L X 10H

All Vertical Dual Entry Garage

Boxed Eave Side Entry Garage
24W X 30L X 9H

Boxed Eave Side Entry Garage

All Vertical Side Entry Garage
24W X 30L X 12H

All Vertical Side Entry Garage

All Vertical Side Entry Colonial Garage
30W X 60L X 12H

All Vertical Side Entry Colonial Garage

24x30x14 Vertical Roof Shop
24W X 30L X 14H

24x30x14 Vertical Roof Shop

12x30x9 Garage With Lean to
12W X 30L X 9H

12x30x9 Garage With Lean to

Metal Side Entry Garage
20W X 20L X 9H

Metal Side Entry Garage

18W X 26L X 7H


Triple wide Garage with Lean to
30W X 60L X 13H

Triple wide Garage with Lean to

18x20x9 2 Car Garage Front Entry
18W X 20L X 9H

18x20x9-2 Car Garage Front Entry

30x40x14 Garage With 12 Lean To
30W X 40L X 14H

30x40x14 Garage With 12 Lean To


Metal Garages at Texwin

We Have Garages for Everything!

Are you running out of parking space? Is your workshop cramped from extra junk? One of our garage styles can fix all your problems, no questions asked.

Regular Garages – Regular roof garages are the most economical style available in the market. They are designed and manufactured to have rounded edges, resembling the look of an older, more traditional barn. This garage is best suited for areas that may experience only moderate weather conditions.

Boxed-Eave Garages – Also known as an A-frame garage, this design is a slight upgrade from the regular garage. With paneling that runs from one end of the structure to the other, we recommend this garage type in areas prone to some high winds but not heavy precipitation.

Vertical Garages – Our most popular, durable garage we offer is the vertical design. This style is engineered to have additional paneling, providing the best possible protection for your belongings. While it is designed for all climate types, it is best suited for areas with foul weather, such as high winds and heavy precipitation.

Metal Garage Sheds – Whether you need a place to store your gardening tools and equipment, a hobby hut, or just additional storage space, our metal garage sheds can do it all. With such flexible designs, this building can fill any need or requirement you may have.

Benefits of Steel Garages

One advantage a steel garage holds over our other metal structures is their ability to conform to their surroundings, achieving multiple goals at once. At Texwin Carports, we won’t ask you to compromise your budget or needs to help us out, and with our variety of garages and customization options, we never will. From the color of the roof to the anchoring system, to the foundation type and the dimensions, our metal garage buildings are fully-customizable and require very little maintenance. And since we use heavy-duty galvanized steel framing, you won’t need to worry about needing to repair or replace your structure for quite a while!

Metal Garage Prices

When it comes to finalizing the price of your custom steel garage, there are quite a few factors that can affect it: your location, added customizations, size of your structure, and the chosen manufacturer. We partner with over 100 manufacturers across the country to guarantee the best possible prices for you. However, we don’t want you to worry about not being able to afford the full price of our buildings either, so we offer financing options for those customers who can benefit from them.

What size garage do you need?

Choosing the right size of your building is one of the most important steps during the design process. You need to ask yourself what you plan to use the garage for and if your needs might change in the future. Whether you use it for woodworking, storing classic cars, or a storage unit, you always need to order a bigger size than your current needs. A mistake that quite a few customers make is ordering a garage that can accommodate their current needs but is too small for their future needs. To save yourself time and money, be sure to express ALL your needs to your building specialist.

Applications for Pre-Engineered Garages

We understand that some customers may have more than one requirement to be met, which is why we design and manufacture all our garages to be versatile. While one customer might use their new building for parking vehicles and outdoor equipment, the next may need it for a personal gym, studio, workshop, or even a housing unit. At Texwin, we let you design your garage exactly the way you want it so it can do exactly what you need.

See it to Believe it!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see your garage before spending your hard-earned money? With our unique color planner, you can do exactly that from the comfort of your home! This tool allows you to design a garage, or other metal structure, from the ground up exactly how you want it. If you would like assistance designing the building, just contact us today for help.

Texwin Carports is the BEST Option for You!

Our top priority at Texwin Carports is to have complete customer satisfaction, exceeding any and all expectations. And when you work with us, we guarantee to be here for your before, during, and after the initial sale of your new custom metal garage. If you’re ready to purchase your dream garage, just give us a call today at (800) 636-4700 to get started.