Vertical Roof Carports

Vertical Roof Carports by roof style

No matter how old or how new, you’ll always want to provide the best possible protection for your vehicles. The vertical roof style carport we offer at Texwin Carports is the perfect solution for all your sheltering needs. These structures aren’t just durable, they are versatile, long-lasting, AND durable. Vertical roofs are a popular option among customers throughout the metal building industry. They are installed with vertical panels that are adhered to the roof using cross braces, and to avoid any leaking, there are ridge caps and a hat channel put into place. The orientation of the panels is great for channeling any and all rain, snow, fallen leaves, and other debris off the roof and away from the base of the structure. The vertical sheeting makes maintaining the structure much easier.

top selling steel Vertical Roof Carports

24x20x8 Vertical Roof Side Combo
24W X 20L X 8H

24x20x8 Vertical Roof Side Combo

30x40 shop with a 10 ft covered front porch area
40x25x10 Enclosed on 3 sides
40W X 25L X 10H

40x25x10 Enclosed on 3 sides

24x25x10 Custom Carport
24W X 25L X 10H

24x25x10 Custom Carport

20x20x10 vertical carport
20W X 20L X 10H

20x20x10 vertical carport

40x125x12 Commercial shop
40W X 125L X 12H

40x125x12 Commercial shop

24x30x10 vertical roof carport
24W X 30L X 10H

24x30x10 vertical roof carport

30x40x12 with a front cover
30W X 40L X 12H

30x40x12 with a front cover

40x80x14 cover with lockable storage
40W X 80L X 14H

40x80x14 cover with lockable storage

20x36x9 End Combo with additional frameouts
20x21x8 vertical carport
20W X 21L X 8H

20x21x8 vertical carport

30x50 End Combo
30W X 50L X 12H

30x50 End Combo


Vertical Roof Carports at Texwin

Possible Uses for Vertical Roof Metal Carports

Despite what some people may think, our vertical roof carports are not limited to strictly protecting your vehicles. Being designed with such versatility, these carports have the ability to adapt to your ever-changing needs and specifications. If you prefer to have ultimate coverage for your property, you can opt for additional paneling to fully-enclose the structure. On the other hand, to maintain an open concept, you can also use our vertical carports as a sheltered entertainment area, a poolside cabana, storage for your sporting gear, or a dog lot. For more ideas, you can visit our website to see a gallery of ways customers have used our vertical roof metal carports.

Features of a Vertical Roof Style Carport

Here at Texwin Carports, we don’t want you to settle for anything less than what you need or want. Each customer has unique requirements and budgets to be met, that’s why we offer a wide variety of customization options to personalize your carport with.

Roof Styles – Choosing a roof style suited to your area’s weather is one of the most important decisions to make during the design process. We have two styles other than our vertical design to choose from: regular and A-frame horizontal.

  • The regular roof is the original roof design, resembling the look of a more traditional, wooden barn. It is also the most economical style we offer at Texwin Carports. This roof is recommended for areas that experience moderate weather conditions.
  • Our A-frame horizontal design, also known as boxed-eave, is best suited for areas with some high winds, but not excessive precipitation. Since this roof is not installed with additional framing, it is a more affordable option,

Color Options – Depending on your location and the manufacturer installing your carport, we have a wide variety of color options to personalize your roof, trim, and walls with. And with our unique color planner, you can even see all your customizations on your structure before spending a penny.

In order for you to select the proper size for your vertical carport, you’ll need to know what your intentions for the building are. It’s important to consider all possible future needs when choosing a size, as your needs grow, your building needs to as well.

Advantages of Vertical Roof Carports

Many people who work with Texwin Carports tend to ask us, “What makes a vertical roof carport the best choice for me?” There are many features that make these carports the best option for whatever needs you may have.

Affordable – Everyone likes to save money, it’s inevitable. And with one of our vertical roof style carports, you can save money on maintenance fees, repair costs, and labor fees. With all the money you save, you can customize your structure even more.

Convenience – Whether it be on your farm, in your backyard, or at your business, our vertical roof metal carports are more convenient than our other building styles. With close-by storage and protection, you can have peace of mind knowing your property is stored away safely.

Get Extra Space – Not only do these buildings provide additional parking space, but you can also add a utility for storage space. Whether it be holiday decorations, yard sale items, or simply gardening tools, you can store them out of the way and have extra space for your new stuff.

Highly Durable – The heavy-duty galvanized steel that is used to construct our buildings allow them to withstand harsh weather conditions such as high winds and heavy precipitation. Being able to withstand such conditions also allows them to last much longer than those built with other materials.

Sizes and Prices for Vertical Steel Carports

While there are limits to be met when customizing the size of an A-frame horizontal or regular roof style carport, you can go as wide, as long, and as high as you may desire with a vertical roof unit. A common mistake made among customers is not taking future needs into consideration, their building only able to accommodate their current needs. If you have a budget to stick to, you need to keep in mind that the size of your carport will factor into the final price of our custom structure. Other factors include the site location, chosen manufacturer, and added customizations. At Texwin Carports, we partner with many manufacturers across the United States in order to provide you, the customer, with the absolute best price.

Financing and Rent-to-Own Options

No two people’s budgets or financial statuses are just alike and no matter their situation, we want all of our customers to enjoy their dream structure. In order for this to be possible, we decided to offer two of the best financing and rent-to-own programs available in the metal building industry. If you have a budget to meet or cannot afford the full price upfront, there’s no need to worry, just call one of our representatives for more information on our programs. We have solutions for everyone.

Get Your Quality Vertical Roof Carport at Texwin Carports

Not only do we provide quality products here at Texwin Carports, but we also demonstrate excellent customer service. When customers leave satisfied with the building of their dreams, we know we have done our job the right way. If you’re ready to design your very own vertical roof metal carport or other structure, give us a call today at (800) 636-4700 to get started.