Metal Barns

Metal Barns by roof style

A farmer’s livelihood depends on their ability to work efficiently and to protect their livestock and equipment. At Texwin Carports, we support our farmers by providing metal agricultural structures nationwide. Whether you’re a rancher, farmer, or crop producer, we have the perfect steel barn that can be tailored to suit all your requirements.

top selling steel Metal Barns

Premium buildings built with 26 GA R Panel
42x26x14/7 Vertical Barn
42W X 26L X 14H

42x26x14/7 Vertical Barn

Equipment Sheds Barn
42W X 26L X 12H

Equipment Sheds Barn

42W X 45L X 14H


Garage with Lean too cover
24W X 25L X 11H

Garage with Lean too cover

Garage with lean to
18W X 25L X 11H

Garage with lean to

42x60x14 Vertical Barn
42W X 60L X 14H

42x60x14 Vertical Barn

42x25x14 9 with 12x25 7 lean to
42W X 25L X 14H

42x25x14-9 with 12x25-7 lean to

20x21x8 VR Loafing Shed
20W X 21L X 8H

20x21x8 VR Loafing Shed

30 Wide Shop With Lean To
30W X 50L X 14H

30 Wide Shop With Lean To

42x25x12 Texas Barn with stalls
42W X 25L X 12H

42x25x12 Texas Barn with stalls

42x31x12/7  barn
42W X 31L X 12H

42x31x12/7 barn


Metal Barns at Texwin

Types of Metal Barns

The standard barn style here at Texwin Carports has a standard garage center with two lean-tos attached on either side. However, we do provide our customers with a variety of barn styles to choose from according to their needs and requirements.

Horse Barns – The top priority for a horse owner is to provide their equine with a sturdy, durable barn to protect them from harm. Not only will a metal horse barn do just that, but it will also grow with your horse family and changing needs.

Loafing Sheds – Are you in need of a place to store your grain and hay? Do you need an area for your riding equipment? Our loafing sheds ensure all your feed and gear will be safely stored away from the elements right on your property!

Equipment Sheds – After investing your money in a significant piece of property such as a piece of farming equipment, you’ll want to make sure it is protected year-round. Our steel equipment sheds guarantee your machinery will be safe from the elements while also protecting them from theft.

High-Quality Agricultural Structures

Playing the guessing game is never fun and it never ends with the customer getting exactly what they wanted. Here at Texwin Carports, we like to start with a blank slate, allowing our customers to design a barn that will meet and exceed all their needs. From the color of your structure to the number of doors you want, you can choose your ideal dimensions and customizations. A few of our customization options include:

  • A range of colors to personalize your roof, walls, and trim with.
  • Roll-up or garage doors to allow for an easy access point.
  • Windows that are perfect for natural lighting.
  • Anchoring system that ensures the sturdiness of your structure.

Steel Barn Roof Styles

The roof style of your prefab barn is one of the most important decisions you’ll make during the design process. We provide three types of roofs to choose from: regular (good), A-frame (better), and vertical (best).

Regular Roof Barn Style – The regular roof is the most economical style we offer at Texwin Carports. It is engineered to have rounded edges that resemble the look of traditional wooden barns, making this a popular option among farmers. It provides its best protection in areas with moderate weather conditions.

A-Frame Roof Barn Style – This versatile roof style is also known as a boxed-eave roof. It is installed with horizontal-oriented paneling, making this design the best option for farmers that may experience some high winds in their area, but not heavy precipitation.

Vertical Roof Barn Style – We recommend this roof to anyone who lives in an area prone to foul weather such as high winds and heavy precipitation. Being designed and manufactured with additional framing allows this style to provide the best possible protection we can offer.

Metal Barn Buildings Applications

The needs of farmers and ranchers are constantly changing and evolving, requiring a versatile structure that can adapt to their changing needs. Our variety of steel barns can grow with your needs without having to break the bank.

Agricultural Equipment Storage – Keeping your equipment in its best condition can be a difficult task when you don’t have a building to properly store it in. With our long-lasting, durable steel barns, you no longer have to worry about replacing or repairing your equipment.

Residential Storage – Our barns also work well for residential needs, such as storage. Whether you are protecting a classic car from the elements, keeping yard sale items out of the way, or just parking cars, our barns promise space and a lot of it.

Parking – No one likes having to dig their car out from under four feet of snow or washing their car weekly due to a tremendous amount of pollen. And thanks to our prefab barns, you won’t need to worry about it anymore! Not only do they protect your vehicle from the elements, but you’ll have plenty of additional space to perform routine maintenance or needed repairs.

Shelter for Horses and Livestock – Keeping your horses and livestock healthy is a tedious task, one that can be made a little easier with a metal barn sheltering them. These barns provide a home for your animals while keeping them safe from the elements.

Workshop – Has your current workshop been taken over by your extra stuff? Are you running out of available room? Thanks to such flexible designs, these barns can be converted into a personal workspace for your job, hobby, or a quiet get-away from reality.

Advantages of Steel Barns

Investing in a metal barn or other farm building is a big decision, but the barns we offer here at Texwin Carports are perfect for all your agricultural needs! We’ve provided a list below including a few of the advantages to owning a Texwin Carport barn.

Quick and Easy Install – Since all our structures are pre-engineered, the installation process is nearly cut in half compared to that of a post-frame structure. The assembly time will depend on your location, the weather, and the size of the building.

Flexible Design – We understand that each customer has unique needs, and with the versatile design of our prefab barns, we guarantee each of those needs will be met. While your needs and requirements grow, our structures will grow with them.

Cost-Effective – Not only will you be saving money on maintenance and repair fees, but their long-lasting nature keeps you from having to purchase another building.

Durable – Heavy rain, high winds, hail, heavy snowfall – thanks to heavy-duty, galvanized steel framing, our structures can withstand all these weather elements. And if you don’t believe us, just check out some of our customer reviews!


The prices of our barns vary based on a few factors – your location, added customizations, the size of your structure, and the chosen manufacturer. With such flexible designs, metal barns have a wider selection of styles and customizations. Because of this, we do not have a standard price for our barn buildings.

A Few Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Metal Barn

Purchasing a new metal structure is a big step for everyone and we want to make sure we give you everything you need, want, and more! So, there are a few things to take into consideration before spending your hard-earned money.

  • Does your site have enough space for the new structure and possible additions?
  • Do you need to obtain any permits?
  • Is your site level and cleared of all debris or vegetation?
  • Can our installation crew reach the site within 50 feet?

Please remember that if the distance between the site and the delivery truck is more than 50 foot, there will be additional labor fees charged.

See It to Believe It!

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could see your personalized barn BEFORE spending money? With our color planner at Texwin Carports you can do just that! Depending on your location, we provide our customers with a variety of colors for the structure’s roof, walls, and trim. And with our unique color planner, you can see those colors before spending a dime.

Why You Should Buy from Texwin Carports

We prioritize our customers above all else here at Texwin Carports. The passion we have for what we do and the drive we have to make our customers satisfied is what sets us apart from other companies in this industry. And not only do we provide our customers with excellent service and quality products, but we unbeatable prices, too! No matter what your needs or financial status may be, we guarantee we can find your dream building. If you’re ready to find the perfect solution to your residential and agricultural needs, just contact one of our representatives today at (800) 636-4700.