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Garden Sheds by roof style

Keeping a garden can be an incredibly rewarding pastime. It provides fresh air, exercise, and even a supply of fruit and vegetables. But gardening often requires an abundance of tools and equipment, and keeping everything in good condition can be challenging. And that's precisely why investing in metal garden sheds can be so helpful. Metal sheds cover your shovels, fertilizer, and anything else you need to protect. They’re also great for building your own workshop or hobby space. So, if you're hoping to protect your gardening equipment, a metal shed might just be your solution.

top selling steel Garden Sheds

10x16 Garden Barn
10W X 16L X 7H

10x16 Garden Barn

10x16 Garden Barn
10W X 16L X 7H

10x16 Garden Barn

10x14 Garden Barn
10W X 14L X 7H

10x14 Garden Barn

12x20 Garden Barn
12W X 20L X 7H

12x20 Garden Barn

12x20 Garden Cottage
12W X 20L X 7H

12x20 Garden Cottage

12x20 Garden Cottage
12W X 20L X 7H

12x20 Garden Cottage


Garden Sheds at Texwin

Types of Garden Sheds

Texwin Carports provides several models of sheds for sale, allowing you to pick a style that fits your chosen aesthetic. Let’s take a look at these options.

  1. Garden Barns :  Garden barns are metal sheds designed with a gambrel-style roof, giving them the appearance of a rustic barn. These structures combine modern engineering with traditional aesthetics and are perfect for home and agricultural use.

    A garden barn comes in several size options, allowing you to choose a configuration that works for your particular needs. You can also pick between 13 different color options, custom doors, windows, and anything you need to make your building truly stand out.


  1. Garden Cottages : Garden cottages are a fantastic option for protecting your lawn equipment, landscaping tools, or gardening supplies. They’re versatile enough to function for almost any application and provide year-round safety and security.

    Beyond gardening, these buildings are a great choice for workshops, maintenance sheds, and storage buildings.

Features of Garden Storage Sheds

Purchasing any building is a significant investment. And to make the most of that investment, you’ll want to know precisely what you’ll get when you place an order. And we want to make your metal shed journey straightforward and stress-free. So, let’s take a look at just a few of the included features of our garden metal sheds. When you make your purchase, your building will include the following:

  • All-Wood Framing
  • Uni-Truss Roofing Trusses
  • 20-Year Metal Siding
  • 12 Different Color Options
  • Metal Roofing
  • Doors and Windows
  • 5 ft Sidewalls (Depending on Size)

Common Uses for Outdoor Garden Sheds

Thanks to modern engineering techniques, metal sheds have become highly adaptable, opening the way for them to be used in a wide range of applications. To illustrate this versatility, let’s look at just a few common ways these metal garden sheds are used.

  1. Workshops :  Whether you’re a storied woodworker or simply picking up a new hobby, garden sheds offer the room you need for creativity and productivity. With a few simple hacks, you can turn these metal buildings into the perfect workshop or studio. Just choose your preferred size, and customize it how you see fit!
  2. Personal Gym :  Why pay expensive monthly membership fees or tangle with complicated cancellations when you can minimize costs with your own home gym? These metal sheds can offer all the space you need for weight racks, riding equipment, treadmills, and anything you need to maximize your health and fitness level. 
  3. Office Space : Handling bills is hard! It’s even more complicated when your office environment is the kitchen table. So, why not move your office needs out of the home and into its own space? A metal shed makes a perfect home office space and can be customized to your individual needs.
  4. Game Rooms : Sometimes you just want to kick back, watch a movie, or catch the big game. And with a customized metal garden shed, you can make your own getaway space to do just that! These structures are an excellent option for home game rooms, entertainment centers, mancaves, or she-sheds!
  5. Tool Sheds : The tried-and-true use for garden sheds will always be equipment storage. After all, when you’re working, you want all your tools and utensils readily available. And storing all your tools in one dedicated place will keep your environment clean, organized, and productive!
  6. Hunting Sheds :  Another common use is to utilize these structures as remote hunting cabins. Design them to your specifications, and have them delivered to your preferred install site! They can be outfitted with insulation and custom add-ons to make a fantastic home-away-from-home on hunting trips!

Give Your Garden Shed That Personal Touch

Designing the right shed for your needs is about more than just its dimensions. From aesthetics to functionality, how your building is designed will genuinely impact how it is used. So let’s look at how you can form your metal garden shed to meet your vision.

  • Windows : You’ll be able to choose between several window options, including 30”x30” windows with J-trim, 30″x27″, and 30″x40″ options with shutters.
  • Doors : There are numerous door options, including roll-up doors, sectional doors, and standard walk-in doors in multiple sizes to suit your structure’s unique size.
  • Roof Style : Our buildings come in various styles, such as boxed-eave roofs, regular roofing systems, gambrel styles, and vertical roofs. Each of these roofs carries its own unique set of aesthetics and environmental capabilities.
  • Workbenches :  Take a load off by adding workbenches to your custom garden shed! 
  • Shelving :  Need a place to put your tools and supplies? Why not add shelving to your garden storage shed? 
  • Color Options : Buildings by Texwin Carports will come in one of 12 different color options. You can even mix and match to make a truly unique style!

RTO and Financing Options

Sometimes working on a budget can be challenging. This is especially true if you’re trying to make significant purchases. But Texwin is dedicated to making owning your own metal garden shed easy and affordable with flexible financing and rent-to-own options.

Financing is easy at Texwin Carports, where we use trusted lenders like GreenSky to help you find an easy, low-cost financing plan to fit your needs. Our financing services include low-interest payments and flexible payment structures that make owning your structure practical and inexpensive.

Our RTO program is simple and hassle-free, with quick online approval in minutes. After you’ve received approval, you’ll have the ability to choose between our wide selection of metal buildings, make a deposit, and plan your monthly payments. Our RTO program has no hard credit checks and no penalties for early payoff, letting you get what you need without breaking your wallet in the process!

Color Options for Garden Sheds

The days when metal buildings were dull, lifeless steel structures are over. Modern engineering techniques make these structures more versatile and customizable than ever. And one way this is most readily apparent is in their vast array of color options.

At Texwin, we offer over twelve different color options that give you the ability to make your building stand out! You’ll be able to choose the colors of your paneling, roofing, and even trim! You can even mix and match for some truly remarkable color combinations!

Garden Shed Prices and Sizes

Texwin Carports is proud to offer a distinct lineup of structures of various sizes and configurations. As such, the price of these buildings can vary wildly. However, you can expect a 10×10 garden shed to start at around $3,000.

As one can imagine, choosing a larger-sized garden shed or one with additional customizations will incur additional costs. These costs may also vary based on your buying area, taxes, and installation costs. You’ll want to consult with one of our trained building specialists for the best information regarding your metal shed cost. These experts will not only help you design and configure your building but will also be able to provide you with an accurate quote and information on how to process a down payment.

Why Choose Texwin Carports for Your Next Garden Shed?

As a customer, you can choose between a virtually endless array of metal building options. From small metal garden sheds to large steel garages, we build our structures with strength, customizability, and cost in mind.

We have over 100 retail locations across the southern and mid-US, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a building, regardless of where they call home.

So, if you’ve been searching for that perfect garden shed to augment your green thumb, Texwin Carports has you covered! Give us a call today at  (800) 636-4700 and let our team of building specialists help provide you with a quote on your new garden shed or metal building!