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Just pay a small down payment and rest over the tenure of the program.

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Not able to park in your garage due to junk in the way? Save yourself the hassle and keep your belongings close-by with one of Texwin Carports’ rent-to-own metal buildings. Our quick and easy payment plans allow customers to afford their dream structure and own it in the long run.

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    How You Can Afford A New Steel Building

    The first thing that usually pops into a customer’s mind when they hear about a rent-to-own program is piles of paperwork and hundreds of phone calls. That couldn’t be farther from the truth! There are three simple steps to our rent-to-own program:

    • Select (or design) your metal building
    • Pay an initial deposit
    • Make your monthly payments on-time

    Not only is this payment plan quick and easy, but it allows you to get your dream building without having the money upfront. Unlike most rent-to-own programs, you can pay the entire structure off without being penalized!

    Why Our Program is BEST

    Rent-to-own steel buildings are not only an option for people who cannot afford the full price of their structure upfront, but it’s for anyone who has a budget or prefers to not pay with cash. Our program has quite a few advantages over our competition:

    • No Credit Checks (only in the State of Texas) – Unlike financing, when you rent-to-own there are no credit checks. This comes in handy for customers who require a new metal building but do not have enough credit to afford one.
    • Same-Day Approval – Another advantage to opting for rent-to-own is you can be approved online within a matter of seconds! Without a wait time, you can get your building much faster.
    • Flexible Payments and Terms – You aren’t required to pay an outrageous amount of money each month, we give you options to help YOU. The monthly payment you will be making is based on how much your building costs and how much you can afford to pay.
    • No Early Payoff Penalties – We understand that your financial status can change at any time, so we don’t penalize customers for paying their buildings off earlier than planned.

    We also offer in-house financing with NO credit check ONLY in the state of Texas.

    1. Select your choice of metal building
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    2. Pay an initial deposit
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    3. Make your monthly payments as scheduled
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    4. Pay off at anytime
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    Why Texwin Carports is the BEST Option for You

    Our goal at Texwin Carports is to make the process of buying a new metal building feel like a breeze, and with our Rent To Own (RTO) program, we do just that! With our drive of providing customers with quality products and an excellent experience, we’re able to exceed their expectations.
    Texwin Carports is your one-stop-shop – get a quote or design a custom building, finalize the price, purchase your dream structure or finance from the comfort of your home or even on-the-go! If you’re ready to get started, contact us today at (800) 636-4700 or visit our website.