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What does building for life mean?


Winslows and our customers have the exciting opportunity of helping in the fight against childhood hunger. The strategy is simple – Winslows will donate the funds necessary to purchase 20 meals for each building bought to Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).FMSC is a nonprofit dedicated to providing nutritious meals to children worldwide. FMSC receives no government aid and can only supply meals with the amazing support of people like yourself! 92 percent of donations are spent on feeding programs. Childhood starvation and malnutrition is a devastating problem, claiming more than 6200 children’s lives a day worldwide. This must be stopped, and we believe that we can help saves lives through the FMSC’s meal4meal program. Many Children face economic and health challenges. the food is used as a foundation to provide medical care,education, and skill training. We have seen the life changing impact the food mas made firsthand and the hope each meal provides. Together we can continue to provide sustainable change to children around the world through food!


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