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20 year Panel Warranty 


Texas Metal Sales guarantees that roofing and siding panels made from hot dipped aluminum zinc alloy coated Galvalume® sheet steel, if erected within the continental United States and will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a period of twenty (20) years from purchase date, due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion. There is no warranty against fading.  

This warranty does not apply to sheets exposed at any time to corrosive, aggressive, harmful, or other abnormal weather or atmospheric conditions including but not limited to the conditions present in the following areas or circumstances:  


  1. A) Areas within 50 miles of salt water, marine atmospheres, or salt spray. 
  2. B) Areas subject to fallout of, or exposure to corrosive chemicals, ash, fumes, dust (including cement dust), vapors, animal waste and confinement or other similar items. 
  3. C) Areas subject to water runoff from lead or copper flashings or piping or areas in metallic contact with lead, copper or graphite. 
  4. D) Areas subject to foreign substances, such as sand or dirt particles or other abrasive particles or other abrasive particles or substances. 
  5. E) Circumstances where corrosive fumes or condensates are generated or released inside the building. 
  6. F) Circumstances where, due to roof or sidewall pitch, there is improper drainage or holding of water. 


This warranty does not apply in the event of:  

  1. A) Bends less than 2T for sheet thickness 0.030” and thinner and less than4T for sheet thickness 0.031” and thicker. 
  2. B) Slopes of the roof or sections of the roof flatter than 1/4:12. 
  3. C) Mechanical, chemical or other damage sustained during shipment, storage, or forming fabrication, or during or after erection, including without limitation damage caused by falling objects, acts of God, fire, riots, explosions, acts of war, or other external forces. 
  4. D) Forming which incorporates stretching or severe reverse bending or which subjects coating to alternate compression and tension. 
  5. E) Improper fabrication, embossing, cut edge exposure or mechanical perforation. 
  6. F) Failure to provide free drainage of water, including internal condensation, from overlaps and all other surfaces of the sheets and panels. 
  7. G) Failure to remove debris from overlaps and all other surfaces of the sheets and panels. 
  8. H) Deterioration of the panels caused by contact with green or wet lumber or wet storage stain caused by water damage or condensation. 
  9. I) Presence of damp insulation or other corrosive materials in contact with or proximity to the panel. 
  10. J) Deterioration of the panels caused directly or indirectly by panel contact with fasteners. The responsibility for the selection of suitable, long-lasting fasteners, to be used with the panels, rests solely with the Buyer or building owner.


  This warranty shall be subject to the stipulations, limitations, and conditions hereinafter set forth: 

  1. Texwin Metal Sales’ liability for breach of this warranty shall be limited exclusively to the cost of either repairing nonconforming panels, or at Metal Sales’ sole option, of furnishing Pro Rated FOB Texwin Sales location sufficient sheet replacement panels for the nonconforming panels.
  2. Texwin Metal Sales shall not in any event be liable for the cost of labor expended by others on any nonconforming sheet or for any special, indirect or consequential damages to anyone by reason of the fact that such panels shall have been nonconforming. 
  3. Claims must be promptly reported in writing to Texwin Metal Sales and Texwin shall be given a reasonable opportunity to inspect the panels claimed to be nonconforming. Adequate identification of the material involved in the claim, including date of installation, Metal Sales invoice number, and date of shipment must be established by Buyer.
  4. Buyer shall exercise diligence in inspection of sheets as received from Texwin Metal Sales so as to mitigate repair or replacement.
  5. Effective Date 2/18.TexwinMetal Sales extends this warranty solely to the Buyer. This warranty is nontransferable and non assignable.
  6. Metal Sales reserves the right to terminate this warranty at any time (except as to orders already accepted) upon the giving of written notice thereof. Texwin Metal Sales Corporation makes no guarantees, either expressed or implied beyond the fact hereof: including, without limitations, warranties or fitness and merchantability and shall have no other liability with respect thereto. 

 Appendix A) For purposes of determining whether an exposed sheet meets the standards set forth above, all chalk, dirt and other film deposits on the area of the sheet to be tested for color must be removed by washing prior to evaluation. To wash the test area, use a pad of 28/24 mesh cheesecloth and distilled water and a mild detergent cleaner, Wet the cheesecloth thoroughly with the cleaning solution and rub it, using moderate hand pressure, over an area of the sheet approximately 4”x 4” Care must be taken to avoid any scratching, burnishing or other physical alteration of the coated surfaces. After washing, as described above, flush off the test area with distilled water and allow to air dry. Failure to keep condensation or moisture from nested materials may result in damage or wet storage stain, voiding seller’s warranty. Texwin Metal Sales 1501 Goodnight, Wills point, TX 75169. 

If project requires a Material/Finish warranty to be issued, completely fill out information below and submit to Metal Sales customer. 


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