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You, the customer, are fully responsible for site preparation. Please have your site level before we arrive. Your structure will be delivered by truck and trailer. The materials will be hand unloaded next to the site, then our crews will begin assembling certain components prior to erecting the uprights. The single most important factor in how smooth this process goes involves your site pad being flat and level. We will need to know what materials are used in your foundation so we know what anchor types to bring.

Common concerns people have when considering purchasing a metal garage is how can it stay firmly affixed to the ground during storms or periods of intense winds and storms.  While our custom metal garages are structurally sound and durable, their stability and strength can be put at risk without proper anchoring.  That is why we offer a variety of anchors to help you establish a foundation capable of resisting high winds. 


We use 4 different types of anchors.

Pin anchors are made of steel and is typically used to strengthen or reinforce cement structures or concrete. They are driven in with a sledge hammer through the frame and into the ground these are 30”s long. These are standard!

Concrete Bolts, we drill holes into your existing concrete slab and bolt through the frame into the slab for a permanent anchor to the concrete.

Mobile home anchors are excellent anchors for keeping your steel structures firmly attached to soil or dirt.  You do not necessarily need a poured foundation for your custom metal garage, but you do need a level site where the building is to be installed. Mobile home anchors are also 30”s long and are installed with specialized electric drive motors then bolted through the frame.

Asphalt anchors which are steel rods with flanges on the side of them for installation into semi hard surfaces like asphalt or dense rock. If you live in an area known for rocky terrain and you’re installing on the ground, we may not be able to anchor your building if our anchors hit rock before full penetration.

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