Graceland Of Fort Smith

texwin 2 years ago

Graceland of Fort Smith

For over 30 years, Tom Rice has been in the auto sales industry. In February of 2017, he was presented with a business opportunity with Graceland buildings. After doing some research, he realized it was a valuable investment and so he took ownership of Graceland of Fort Smith. And he’s loved every moment of it. It’s always been a goal of Tom’s to help clients find affordable products that will make great additions to their daily lives. To him, your customer satisfaction is his top priority, after all.

When you meet with Tom, he will listen closely to help you discover the perfect car or building that suits your needs and budget. He wants you to save money without compromising on quality.

That’s the philosophy at Graceland of Fort Smith and Rice Auto Sales Inc.; exceptional customer service that focuses on building lifelong relationships with each client.

So if you’re needing a new ride or building for your home, be sure to visit Tom in Fort Smith!